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Code Description Size Order
401008 Condiment Carry. Black Polycarbonate&ABS Condiment Caddy with 6 containers EA   condiment-carry
401032 Combo Measures. Black Combo Measure 15ml EA   401032
401034 30ml EA
401104 Buckets & Coolers. Acrylic Insulated Wine Cooler EA   401104
401110 Buckets & Coolers. Stainless Steel Wine Bucket 180mm x 165mm EA   401110
TK4291 Trays. Round Plastic Non Slip Tray Black 280mm EA   tk4291
TK4292 350mm EA
TK4293 400mm EA
401258 Bar Runners. Black Towelling Bar Runner 30cm METRE   bar-runners
507013 Ashtrays. Black Bakelite Round Ashtray 120mm EA   507013
AC1801250 Ashtrays. Stainless Steel Windless Ashtray 100mm EA   ashtray-ss
PA4DCBB Coasters. Stock Print Coaster B/Brush CTN5000   coasters
TK02800 Glass Baskets. Glass Basket PVC 14IN x 17IN EA   glass-basket
TK02801 14IN x 17IN EA
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